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Producer: “Extraservice” company, Belarus


The mobile pasteurizer PM-250 is intended for pasteurization of whole milk and the subsequent calves feeding. The milk which is filled in the milk taxi is warmed up to the temperature of 65 degrees, kept at this temperature of 30 minutes, and then cooled up to the temperature of 41 degrees. Change of parameters of pasteurization of milk is possible. Heating of milk to the set temperature is carried out due to circulation of hot water in a water jacket of the body of a pasteurizer that completely excludes probability of milk burning.

  • Capacity of a pasteurizer is 250L; • The mixer motor (speed – 35 RPM); • The dosing pump and the distributing gun (up to 5L); • Touch-screen of management; • Program of management of pasteurization; • Electronic control unit and water heating; • The electric drive for PM-250.
  • Heating/cooling is carried out through a water jacket on all area of walls of a pasteurizer capacity.
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