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LLC "Extraservice", Republic of Belarus
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Producer: “Extraservice” company, Belarus

The AP-ON auto-drinker is a stationary, Tip-Over drinker.

Material of frame construction – stainless steel AISI 304.

Bracing type – floor-stand by supportive galvanized racks.

Water leveling adjustment - ball float valve (made by “Suevia” company (Germany) or analogue).


Drinker assembly may be changed at customer’s option according to the following samples:

            AP-ON auto drinker– Tip-Over, stainless steel drinker:

  • AP-ON1 - stationary, stainless steel drinker;
  • AP-ON2 - stationary, stainless steel drinker with circulation tube;
  • AP-ON3 - stationary, stainless steel drinker with circulation tube and heater;
  • AP-ON4 - stationary, stainless steel drinker with circulation tube, heater and additional heating section.


As maximum set it can be equipped by water circulation tube, heating device for the entire drinker bottom (160/260 W), transformer 220/24V in protective construction with bracing assembly, heating cable of water feed hose (36W) from zero level to the place of junction with drinker, water cable, materials for heating cable heat-insulation, drinker bracing assembly (anchor bolts), wire bracing assembly, collars.

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