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LLC "Extraservice", Republic of Belarus
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Producer: “Extraservice” company, Belarus

AP-1 washing unit is intended for management of process of washing on stationary milking machines of “pipe-line” type and "Herringbone" and "Parallel" parlors, and high-quality washing of the milking equipment.

The device turns on two blocks from the plastic body in one of which electronic components of system are placed, and in the second - its hydraulic equipment.

The automatic machine of washing is issued in two complete sets:

The washing automatic machine without tank for water;

The washing automatic machine with 200L water tank, with heating and temperature monitoring of water.

  Main functions of the automatic machine of washing:

turning on of the milking machine in the mode of milking and switching in the mode of washing;

the choice of the program of washing - rinsing, washing with disinfecting alkaline or acid solution;

management in an automatic mode of process of milking equipment washing;

Showing on the display  the current values of parameters of washing process and condition of executive mechanisms;

allows to carry out reconfiguration of programs of washing depending on type of the milking machine, length of the dairy line, type of detergent and degree of impurity of the equipment and keeps the entered data in non-volatile memory;

has protection against unauthorized access for change of washing parameters;

allows to keep a state and values of parameters of technology process in case of loss of power voltage and to continue process of washing after power supply resuming.

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AP-1M washing unit
AP-1M washing unit
LLC "Extraservice", Republic of Belarus
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